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Dr. John Cormier

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Welcome to CervicalOne

Studio Cervical One

Cervical One specializes in the treatment of the upper cervical area, specifically the Atlas and Axis of the cervical area, an area recognized for its important role for the health of the whole body. The cervical is usually underestimated and ignored. But actually it represents the connection between the brain and the body. The truth is this:


I love the Massage Gun.

"I ordered the massage gun and was very happy with the purchase. I now treat tensions in neck and shoulders at home without the help of a professional masseuse."

- Sebastian Boll -

I am migraine-free now!

"I suffered from regular migraine for over 10 year. After Dr. Cormier's treatment I now live a migraine-free life. I am eternally thankful to him for bringing the cervical chiropractic world to my attention. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who suffers from migraine."

- Nadia Mirdad -

For years I had had a fixed pain in my neck (due to a tamponade) with limited mobility of the head (looking at the ceiling was unthinkable). I am halfway through my journey and I have no more pain !!!The doctor is serious and professional, the secretary is very helpful. Highly recommended !!!

Silvia Shiavoni

I had the contact of Dr. Cormier with a friend of mine, I'm in the second session and some improvements are already visible. Maximum professionalism and seriousness. Highly recommended !!!

Federica Lelli

Great!!! The secretary is very kind and available to your needs things to be reckoned withThe chiropractor Dr. John Cormier the pain in my neck that solved me for many years solved me, at the beginning I was a bit skeptical but from the first session I immediately felt great!I recommend to everyone !!

Elisabetta Pina